Happy Holidays

Will be looking and accepting new clients early spring.

Happy Holidays.

xoxo Monica

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Business Cards

Every few years I update my website, design new business cards and change things.
 Because of my name change, I wont upload photos of my old business card, but  for affordable business cards.. like my new one printed in CA ;)

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Goodbye Telus hello Wind

I've been a telus mobile subscriber since 1999, and my expectations and wants from technology have changed a bit over the years. I don't travel enough, and I live in the GTA so my service coverage is adequate for WIND.  I currently have and iPhone and am not on a contract. .

I was prepared with my drivers licence and a credit card for my credit check. I also had my telus account number available for quick reference.

35 Minutes: Overall time spent on changing my phone provider

8 Minutes: Time spent on the phone with telus agent to unlock my phone. . 50 $ fee with telus added to your final bill.   I had finished my contract and own my phone. I didn't reset my iPhone after It was unlocked. I just walked into the local wind store.

27 Minutes:Time I spent in the wind store.   They verified my iPhone was compatible with the network  and unlocked  (https://www.windmobile.ca/plans-and-devices/bring-your-own-device-to-wind).  Gave them my information provided and my account was transferred and my number was ported. I paid 50 + 20 $ for a security deposit on a pay after plan and sim card  that was that.

It took 1 hour and 12 minutes for  my number to be ported

If you want to transfer services: https://refer.windmobile.ca/2bY8wI3