Blocking eyebrows

This is one of the most popular services that I do with drag and corrective makeup -  and something I will be doing a video on when I have the time and a model 

My method:

  1. take sculpting wax, or mustache wax, preferably lightly tinted. or clear
  2. warm up a pea-sized amount in fingers, and apply over eyebrow
  3. smooth out with finger, or spatula and make sure only to get wax on the hair and not on the surrounding skin
  4. seal with wax sealer 
  5.  Set with powder (tinted or transparent either work)
  6. I have dark eyebrows, so I use an orange concealer first, then add my foundation on top, and set it with a powder and its done.
Note: You will notice that I did not use spirit gum or glue to add the eyebrows to the skin. Wax is generally sticky enough that it shouldn't need any extra adhesive, this makes it go on smoother, faster, and gives you more control of the product.

foundation and concealer

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